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Flat Fee MLS Listing


My ‘Flat Fee’ MLS Listing is just $300. This is valid for a 12 month listing agreement. With this you receive the following:

• Listed in the MLS with up to 25 pictures. Seller provides pics, one of which must be an outside shot. Seller takes all measurements & supplies all appropriate information to me for input to the MLS. (Arrangements can be made for me to do some of this preliminary work with an added cost).

• Listed on the MLS and Realtor.com both of which syndicate to dozens of Real Estate web sites, just like the Full Service Listing does. I think there were 67 web sites the last time I checked.

• Unlimited changes/adjustments to your MLS listing information sheet as needed.

• 1 Chicago Realty Associates 4 sale sign for use during the term of the listing, if allowed. Seller can pick up at 2333 N Seeley 4s Chicago 60647 or other arrangements can be made.

• If/when an offer comes in from a buyer who is represented by a real estate agent the offer will come to me. I will assist to negotiate that offer as required by The Real Estate License Act of 2000 Sec 15-75. If agreement is reached on price and terms, I will see that the paperwork is properly completed with follow up until closing.

If you happen to find a buyer not rrepresented by a Broker then I will not be involved, unless you want me to be.

• If I can help you find your next property, I give a Buyer Rebate based on the contract price.​


With this service the following apply:

• You agree to pay a commission to any Broker who brings the buyer, the exact amount being predetermined in the listing agreement by you.

• You retain the right to find a buyer on your own (not represented by a Broker) thereby avoiding this commission.

• All appointment requests from Brokers will come directly to YOU! I get involved once an offer comes in, although when other brokers have questions about the property they ask me, not you.

As an example:
On a purchase price of $400,000 you would save $9,700 based on a 5% commission split 50/50 between the firm that represents the buyer (2 1/2%) and the firm that represents the seller (2 1/2%) This commission breakdown is arbitrary (an example). It can be anything you choose. Commissions are always negotiable, but to make it simple.......

$400,000 x .025 = $10,000 - $300 = $9,700 (savings to you)

You still pay the firm that represents the buyer (2 1/2% in this example)
$400,000 x .025 = $10,000

Your total cost is $300 + $10,000 = $10,300

You save $9,700!


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