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Full Service MLS Listing


It is significantly more efficient and cost effective to market your property today than it was back in 2000. I choose to pass along those cost savings where others do not or cannot. Your property will be marketed to the world. Full Service MLS Listing for a 3 ¾% commission.

1. The MLS. This is the single database containing ALL property listed for sale by ALL agent members within the entire Northern Illinois (10 county) area. ALL agent members have ‘real time’ ‘instant’ access to this database in order to find property for their clients.

2. Internet. Today, buyers can access almost 100 R E web sites syndicated to by our MLS system and Realtor.com to search for property from the comfort of their home or cell. This is the single most effective means for getting property sold. 

3. 25 pictures: It’s been written that 95% of all serious buyers search for property on line. Not sure what the other 5% are doing.

4. Market Update Reports/pre-set search: In this ever-changing market, you need to be kept up to date with what is happening in your neighborhood/building with respect to your friendly competition etc. Buyers are much more in tune with the market than Seller's and this helps close the gap. I set up a search pretending you are a Buyer looking for a property similar to what you have. It runs daily so you see what the Buyer is seeing with respect to your potential competition in your area. I also have access to see how many agents send your listing to their clients and how they rate your property in comparison to others. I send you this Report to you periodically.

5. Public Open Houses: The odds are very low that someone will buy your property from walking off the street (without previously seeing your listing on some web site), but it is a possibility.

6. Personal & Professional Showings: I show your property, but I also use lock boxes and/or have a key available with the doorman, if allowed. You do not want to miss any appointments, especially in this market, and no agent has mastered the ability to be in 2 places at one time yet.

If you would like more information about the market, the prospects for selling your property etc just call or email me. My cell will give a faster response (773) 620-9300 


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